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In a global environment risks change constantly, its no longer good enough to assume your organisation is in control. Developing a full understanding of the inherent risks that your organisation faces and ensuring that an appropriate control and assurance framework is in place and therefore demonstrate effective governance.


Developing an effective risk management framework that is aligned with performance monitoring and therefore supports business success need not be onerous. 

Not being in control can however result in business failure, financial loss, health and safety issues or poor staff morale; these can impair your organisations ability to succeed if not identified and tackled in a timely manner. 


With the experience that comes from having provided risk based advice and assurance to over 300 clients across the UK economy and Internationally - sometimes an independent view can help an organisation identify unrecognised risk related issues with greater clarity or advise on how risk management processes can be improved to best advantage.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange appointment for an initial discussion regarding services which may be beneficial to your organisation. 




During a 40 year career as an Internal Audit Partner, Risk Consultant, Academic and Non Executive Director I have experienced the relevance of establishing an effective risk management framework from both strategic and operational perspectives and across a wide range of industries. Consequently, I am now using that  knowledge to help organisations ensure that their governance and internal audit processes are robust through appropriate recognition of risk based techniques aligned to the risk appetite of the Board and its stakeholders.

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