RiskMate offers a simple dashboard driven approach based on three lines of defence theory that allows you to collect all organisational risks and automate the process of delegating responsibility of risk management to the most appropriate level of management. With the menial tasks turned over to our software, you can rely on a flexible monitoring tool that allows the job done to be faster, more efficiently, and with more accurate real time information on hand.

Based in a secure cloud environment it provides to-hand digital reporting at any time, to any meeting from anywhere in the world, negating the need for reliance on burdensome spreadsheet applications.

For a free trial visit www.riskmate.uk or contact me for an informal initial discussion regarding the benefits of moving to an automated approach.


RecsMate provides a user friendly solution to manage your internal audit, external audit and other consultancy based recommendations and track progress to completion.

The system is cloud based allowing access to managers and administrators throughout the organisation.

In responding to automated recommendation tracking requests via the email system, RecsMate allows assignment of documents to recommendations so that the action is transparent and everything relating to the recommendation follow up is in the same place.

A flexible monitoring and reporting function provides analysis by source, manager or priority and is supported by a dashboard based summary for reporting to Executive Management of Audit and Risk Committee.

For a free trial visit www.recsmate.uk or call us for an informal initial discussion.