Risk facilitation, review and assessment services to reflect your organisations needs


Does risk management add value within your organisation or is it just one of those things you do to satisfy stakeholder reporting?

Risk facilitation will help your Board and/or Executive team recognise how through focusing on what poses the most significant threats can aid great governance as well as demonstrate control over the inherent risks faced through establishment of your business objectives.

The COVID pandemic will have tested the business continuity planning processes of every business re-inforcing the need for robust risk management strategies for the future.

Facilitation can be devised to be a thought piece within a meeting or as an training package to meet the needs of the wider organisation.


Ensuring that your risk management framework provides a transparent view of the significant risks being faced by the organisation is fundamental.

Keeping it simple and focusing on what matters most is also essential if a corporate understanding of the Board's risk appetite is to be deployed throughout the organisation. 

A review of your process can focus at both strategic and operational levels or consider whether particular departments have adopted corporate values.

We can also advise on adopting best practice risk-based internal audit methods including use of RiskMate to construct a risk-based internal audit plan linked to delivery.

EQA and Training

With 40 years experience of internal audit services in a global context we provide external quality assessment of internal audit provision in accordance with IPPF Standard 1312.

Our review will not only provide a compliance view but also benchmark services against best practice and provide value added advice regarding ideas that will help to develop your team to meet business needs.

Bespoke training can be provided to supplement outcomes relating to Risk based auditing, Report writing or Interviewing techniques.

Our IA BiteSize on-line internal audit courses provide efficient and cost effective direction regarding professional, technical and operational delivery.

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