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External Quality Assessment for Internal Audit - don't do it just because you must!

Do it because there should be benefit to your team and your organisation.

The assessment should not be one designed to trip you up against a simple checklist. The professional standards are guidelines and therefore the review must consider how local interpretation meets your organisation’s needs. This is achieved by identifying where existing compliance may be enhanced through provision of insight regarding best practice and fresh ideas, therefore influencing future delivery of customer focused risk-based internal auditing techniques at planning, engagement and reporting stages. The EQA must be a positive experience which benefits the CAE, their team and clients.

The EQA process need not be expensive, by using an experienced assessor, the review can be structured to meet the structure and relative size of your organisation and the internal audit team. It should be flexible to acknowledge a local focus as well as include sensitive consideration to matters identified as of concern. Undertaken on-site or remotely, our quotation will be bespoke to your organisation and provide added-value through adopting a personal approach aimed at contributing to your success.

For an informal discussion regarding your needs or a quotation please contact me for further details –

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